Uses For 35 Hydrogen Peroxide Food Grade

You might have heard of the Hydrogen on Demand Technology in the media or on the Web. Or you might have seen this technology disproved on Mythbusters on TV.

You probably thought That seems pretty complicated, and I'm not an Engineer or That must be some scam . Well, you are not entirely wrong. It can be very complicated as there are very advanced systems one can build, and there are a kind of scam in the field of the downloadable manuals one can buy on the Internet.

But the fact is that this is a technology that has been suppressed for many years by the Oil Companies and their affiliates. That is why you have not seen much of this in the main media, or if you do you do not hear of it again. Or if you saw it on Mythbusters, they did not do it right so as to get no result. All main media is owned or controlled by a small elite who also control the Energy market and the International Banking. But that is a different subject.

With the Internet this technology has become available to the average person, and in it's basic form it is not complicated. Especially if you have an old car without a computer or are driving a Diesel.

I have a working system in my car that I made in a few evenings with no more tools than a drill, some pliers and a saw. But now I have made Hydrogen Units that didn't even need the saw. And just to prove that it can be done without getting any special components just stuff available in your Supermarket and local Hardware store, I made one using two large spoons I bought for 1.00 (less than .00) in a discount store.

If you go to my website below, you can see samples of what I have done.

So with a glass jar with a plastic lid, some stainless steel (cutlery is stainless) some wires and pipes, you could save 20 50% on you fuel bill. Different cars get different results.

To find out exactly how to do this and connect it to your car, it is best to get a manual that gives you the proper way to do it. There are several for sale on the Internet, I have bought and studied the main ones and have used the ones that were easy to do. But as I said above, there is one that you should stay clear of, as it is marketed as easy and anyone can do , which is far from the truth.

In fitting my system I used four jars on a 2.3 liter diesel, and got a mileage increase of 37%. The system need a little bit of looking after, but not as often as filling up the car.

But having one of these in a car, will make that car a talking point and I find I am much more interested in the car and it's well being as a result. I show it to lots of people and most people find it fascinating, with many asking if I can make the same for them.

If you can read a simple manual and handle the tools I mentioned above, you can do this yourself and save on fuel.

You would also become an Eco-Warrior in a way, as having this system in your car will ensure your fuel burns more completely and that in turn gives much cleaner exhausts.

I have heard of people having trouble with emission tests as the exhausts were too clean and the operator assumed the exhaust system must have a leak.

In addition to the cleaner exhausts, the Hydrogen & Oxygen mix will burn away the carbon buildups in your engine, making it run better.

I have noticed in my car which is not very powerful, that it has got stronger. I can shift gears sooner and do not have to shift down as soon when I start going uphill. But if one just uses up the extra power by driving faster, there will not be much mileage gain.

Some people worry about having an explosive gas in your car. All I can say is that the gas is produced as your car is running, from water. There is just a small amount of gas in the jars and pipes. Hydrogen dissipates quickly if released unlike fuel fumes who are heavier than air. But it needs to be handled with respect and away from open frames or sparks. But the fuel in your tank is a much greater hazard in an accident than the little gas in the Hydrogen System.

If the amount of money you pay at the pump bothers you or you like to run a cleaner car, you should have a more in depth look at this.

Kent Bengtsson

Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it possible to use 3% Hydrogen Peroxide to spray over the body?
    If not what should/can i use since 35% food grade is not available in my area? I was told to use germanium but that doesn't seem to be as effective.

    • ANSWER:

    How many ounces of 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide should be used for a colonic?
    This is not going to be done at home. I'm using a professional colonic hydrotherapist. She uses 15-20 gallons of water.

    • ANSWER:
      Call me nuts, but if you're using a professional, she should know. Also, I'm hoping she wouldn't use the 15-20 gallons in one sitting... the colon and intestines can barely fit a few pints, much less a gallon.

      If you're getting a professional service, you really should be asking these questions to the professional offering the service to find out what they will be doing. Regardless if anyone would say 1 cup or 1 teaspoon per gallon, that doesn't change what she'll be doing unless she's flexible enough to abide by your requests.
      With that being said, Hydrogen Peroxide isn't a requirement for a colonic... it could be pure water or one of many liquid concoctions. Good luck and I hope I helped!

    why do they say Hydrogen Peroxide is BAD for use on face? What makes it bad?
    I have heard that using hydrogen peroxide on the face is good for reducing the size of a breakout, but some people say not to use it because its harmful. Can anyone tell me what makes it harmful?

    • ANSWER:
      Its not harmful, those are just people who dont have a clue what hydrogen peroxide is, h202 is just oxygenated filtered water with some stabilizing agents, btw, i gargle with h202, so if i can do that safely you can def. use it for your face. People tend to listen to everything they hear on their daily news, like h202 is an oxidizer and will kill your skin cells, and blah blah bla, it it an oxidizer, but since when did oxygen kill things, dont we breathe oxygen....yeah I thought so. Also, most diseases are caused by insufficient oxygen in the body, and also people drink hydrogen peroxide as a natural treatment for diseases, but thats food grade 35% h202 dilluted to 3%. Just thought I'd fill you in on some details to show you how very safe hydrogen peroxide is, use it for just about anything you want, it works great for pimples and acne.

    I have a question about allergic reations?
    As I was in the shower I began to fell sort of funny. Kinda like an anxiety attack. It went away for a minute and then it became really bad! There was no pain at all other than a slight headache. But the felling was very very bad! I felt a sense of doom. Like I was about to die. I had a rash around my neck. It looked like hives. I thought about the shampoo. Could that be the cause? But I have been using that shampoo for years and never had trouble before! Then I decided to check the window air conditioner for mold. It looked like there was mold in it so I sprayed it down with a 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide solution. Nearly instantly; MY PROBLEM VANISED!! And I haven't had a problem scince. So; Was it anaphylactic shock? Or was it just the mold itself? The mold in the unit was a very dark green or blackish color. I feel great now. But That really scared me!
    And do you think that hydrogen peroxide is a wise choice for eliminating mold?
    And I am 99% sure its either an allergic reaction or something in the house is causing it. The reason is: It has never happened outside of the house!
    Also, I did take my benadryl. It was doctor prescribe for me in the past, so I listened to my doctor and take it as I was told. The benadryl did seem to help some.
    Well global I'm glad to here you say that! I want to think that it was the "toxic mold" that was the culprit. And sense I already have anxiety disorder, then mabe the anxiety worsened my symtoms of exposure to the mold. After all; It is pretty scarey to have something go wrong and you don't know what it is! But I am 100% positive that the hydrogen peroxide Cured the problem!

    • ANSWER:
      While I cannot say exactly what you experienced, I can virtually guarantee that it was not an anaphylactic reaction. Below is an excerpt from an assignment I completed earlier this year:

      "Anaphylaxis is the most extreme form of allergic reaction . It can be caused by almost any substance and sufferers are likely to suffer an inflammatory response. Anaphylaxis is a severe immediate-type hypersensitivity reaction characterised by life-threatening upper airway obstruction, bronchospasm and hypotension "

      If it had been an anaphylactic reaction you would have required immediate medical treatment, as without it can most certainly be fatal.

      Allergic reactions are a result of a histamine response, which can be triggered by virtually any substance. It may have been the mould, or any other noxious stimuli that you may or may not encounter regularly. However, if you feel that the elimination of the mould has solved the issue that's great.

    Can you use the 3% hydrogen peroxide found in most stores in a vaporizer?
    Or is it a absolute must to buy the 35% food grade for use in a vaporizer?
    They tell you to use 3% hydrogen peroxide as a mouth wash. And on the internet I find a few sites saying to use it in a nasal spray bottle. If not inhaling it I'd think it would still kill bacteria in the air!?

    • ANSWER:
      I would think you need to use the food grade hydrogen peroxide because when you use a vaporizer, the "vapors" are inhaled and regular hydrogen peroxide is not intended for internal use.

    Whats the difference between 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide and 6% hydrogen peroxide?

    can i use 35% food grade in a science fair experiment even though it calls for 6% hydrogen peroxide?

    • ANSWER:
      The 35% will be A LOT more dangerous to handle. If you get 6% on your skin you can just rinse it off. If you get 35% on your skin you might need to see a doctor. You can use it, but make sure:
      1. You read all the warning labels and follow the instructions carefully.
      2. You adjust the amount carefully, maybe by diluting it first.

    Is ingesting diluted 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide really safe?
    Many people claim they use this as an alternative way of staying healthy. I know a lot of people think of hydrogen peroxide as poison. Is there anyone currently using this as a viable remedy??

    • ANSWER:
      No. It is a poison and has caused death.

    can you use hydrochloric acid or hydrogen peroxide to clean a toilet? Why or why not?
    If you used those "chemicals" what would happen?
    Thanks for the answers guys.

    • ANSWER:
      hydrochloric acid may do the job, but it is extremely dangerous to work with so you should forget about that. Hydrogen peroxide however comes in different concentrations such as 3% all the way up to 35% (food grade) in commercial retail. Again, you can't use high concentrations such as 35% because this too is dangerous to handle. However low percentage (3%) H2O2 may be used for cleaning ceramics, etc.. After exposure to HP you should wash your hands.... and dont get it in your eyes... better to wear goggles ! The extra oxygen in the liquid is the cleaning and whitening agent.

    where would i be able to buy food grade 35% hydrogen peroxide?
    i have been advised to use this on my hair (diluted) so i am wondering where I can get it.

    • ANSWER:
      Probably a health food store.

    What percentage of peroxide to water do i use to erradicate stagnant water and root rot in my house plants?

    • ANSWER:
      I've copied and pasted this info from the link below.

      H2O2 comes in several different strengths 3%, 5%, 8% and 35%, also sold as food grade Hydrogen Peroxide. The most economical is 35% which we recommend be diluted to three percent before using, as at this high concentration it can cause damage to skin and clothing. When working with food grade H2O2 it is very important that you clean up any spills or splashes immediately, it will damage almost anything very quickly. This is extra important with skin and clothing. Skin will be temporarily bleached pure white if not washed cleaned. Gloves are strongly recommended when working with any strong chemical.

      Food grade H2O2 can be diluted to three percent by mixing it one part to eleven parts water (preferably distilled). The storage container should be opaque to prevent light from getting in and it must be able to hold some pressure. If three-liter pop bottles are available in your area they are ideal for mixing and storing H2O2. There are twelve quarter liters (250ml) in three liters, if you put in one quarter liter H2O2 and eleven quarter liters (250ml) water in the bottle it will full of three percent H2O2 and the bottle can hold the pressure that the H2O2 will generate. Three percent Hydrogen Peroxide may be added at up to three ml's per liter (2 1 tsp. Per gallon), but it is recommended that you start at a lower concentration and increase to full strength over a few weeks. Use every watering even on fresh cuttings. For hydroponics use every reservoir change and replace twenty-five percent (one quarter) every day. Example: In a 100L reservoir you would add three hundred ml's (3%) H2O2 when changing the nutrient. You would then add seventy-five ml's more every day.

      Good luck!

    What is a good herbal or other holistic remedy to get rid of intestinal parasites such as pinworm?
    My daughter has pinworm and I'm worried about plying her with toxic chemicals to get rid of them. Looking for a more natural solution.

    • ANSWER:
      I just wrote this for someone who asked the same question, so hopefully it will help you as well!

      If you drink hydrogen peroxide, you've got about an 80% chance of clearing out any intestinal parasites/worms in about 2 weeks. There are some more effective versions of treatment (95%) but they're a bit more of a pain to do, and what I'm suggesting should do the trick.

      If you decide to take the H2O2 approach, do the following (I've had multiple successes on this with friends).
      Buy 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide online at some store.
      On day 1, drink a glass of water with 1 drop of H2O2 in it. Make sure you drink it as far away from meals as possible.
      On day 2, do the same thing.
      On day 3, raise it to 2 drops, and do the same thing.
      Keep on doing this. There isn't an exact science to how long you should wait before raising the dosage, different people's bodies respond differently so you might go up by 1 each day, or up by one every 3 days, it depends on what feels comfortable to the body.
      Most people end up feeling comfortable with 6-8 drops per day (10 is the upper limit, 4 is the lower limit for where you end up). Anything above 10 could potentially be dangerous, anything below 4 won't do enough.
      H2O2 is a really effective substance for curing health problems, and is harmless, provided it's used in the proper concentrations (so for example, never drink peroxide which is not heavily dilluted, and try not to touch 35% with your hands because it will burn your skin).
      The nice thing about H2O2 is that it's really cheap but can be used for a lot of medical applications (one bottle which will last you for life should not cost more than 20 bucks).

      Also, if you do this, you may end up curing other health problems in your body, or flushing out buried toxins, so don't get too worried if radical changes happen for a few days during the treatment (I can provide literature if you wish to know more about that).

    Is it safe to oxygenate with 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide (diluted) while on steroid pretnizone and lusic?
    I want to do the oxygenation therapy in One Minute Cure but I need to know if it is safe to do while on medications. Pretnizone and lusic.

    • ANSWER:
      the only safe way to use hydrogen peroxide is in doctors office with IV drip I have had done before no pain just hr of your time. you can read more about it below

    What is the best way to get pesticides off of my veggies?
    I seem to remember hearing things of soaking them in lemon juice mixed with water, but cant remember how much or if this solution affects the taste.
    yeah, i thought of organic but don't always have the time or money to shop for them

    • ANSWER:
      There is no way to completely eliminate them, but you can get the majority off with a solution of hydrogen peroxide (food grade) and water. I make a mix of 1/3 hp (the food grade is 35% and super concentrated-use caution, it can burn your skin if not diluted). 2/3 water. I mix it in a spray bottle and spray it on, let it sit a few minutes, and rinse well. I grow most of my own veggies, but on occaision buy something that doesnt grow in my area. I prefer organic. Fruits and vegs absorb the pesticides as they grow, so there is no way to get rid of them all. You can remove wax from apples and cucumbers with a paste of baking soda and lemon juice (fresh) Just rub it on, buff with a paper towel, and rinse well.

uses for 35 hydrogen peroxide food grade

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