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    What is good for an infected tongue?
    Ok I have a cold and sort of a sore throat and this is my first time my tongue has gotten like this.My tongue is white and is very swollen that I cant hardly talk and my throat seem to feel like is closed up I can't hardly talk and my tongue has a blister and a cut any advice would help or any home remedies.Ok and I have an appoinment on Nov.17 to see the doctors. thanks

    • ANSWER:
      ummm it could be an allergic reaction and in that case i would go to the hospitol

    How to relieve an extremely sore throat?
    Okay. I can take pain, but when I can't eat or drink anything without extreme pain enough to make me cry, [literally] I need to do something. Most of this is probably from clearing my throat ever 5 seconds for about two days.

    My throat is extremely sore, my neck on both sides feel inflamed, my ears hurt, when I move my tongue it hurts, I'm dying a thirst and trying to drink water, but I can't cause if I chug it down [The pain will go away eventually for a few] but it flipping' hurts! Dx Oh yeah. My entire body is weak too. And, very flemmy too.

    I ain't going to a doctor; this is just a simple cold, going inside and out of A/C to warm air every day and night, and clearing my throat made it worse. Any HOME remedies to help solve it? Thank ya.~

    • ANSWER:
      I actually had the same problems a few weeks back, and what I did was simple gargle lukewarm salt water which would be later followed by a nice cup of tea with lots of honey. However, one thing that might help is getting a strep throat test to see if it is a bacterial infection which would be easily cured through the use of antibiotics.

      Hope this helps and get well soon.

    i keep getting a cold sore on the same place on my tongue?
    i had a cold sore on the bottom of my tongue a few months ago. then it subsided, but i noticed the bump ws still slightly there, just not inflamed. but every couple of weeks or so, it starts hurting and gets red and inflamed again, in the same exact spot. its like its dormant for awhile then starts hurting for a couple days, then lies dormant again. why is this? what can i do to make it go away?

    • ANSWER:
      Nothing,... there's nothing u can do. Cold Sores are Herbes B & the most commen versus A.... They can be spread though genes... or through contact... they can lie dornmant for yrs... or even life... or can come about at anytime.... there's no cure..... there may b a home remedy to help it not happen as much but it will "ALWAYS" b there!!! It doesn't mean ur gross or anything it's only natural usually spread w/ genes.... good luck....

    I'm sick and need help with some home remedies that you may have to share?
    ok so it all started with a little sore throat and then i felt like i was losing my voice then the same thing the next day. later at day 3 i have a stuffy nose and a cough with the feeling of losing my voice still.(im at day 3) does anyone have any home remedies or remedies thanks so much i will give 10 points to the best answer thanks :)

    • ANSWER:
      There are a couple of different home remedies you can use when you have a cold such as yours.

      For a sore throat try an old fashioned warm milk home remedy. You will need:

      1 Cup Milk
      1 Tbsp. Butter
      1. Tbsp. Honey
      Sprinkle Sugar

      Heat the milk with one tablespoon of butter and one tablespoon of honey. If you would like to sweeten it further you can also sprinkle on a touch of sugar. Drink it while it is very hot but be careful not to burn your tongue or mouth. This mixture will coat your throat making it feel better, and the heat from the warm milk will help make the swelling go down.

      For your cough you can try a Bowl Steam.

      Simply fill a bowl with boiling water add 2 tablespoons of Vicks Vapor Rub and place your head over bowl with towel over your head to keep steam in. Breath deeply for a few minutes. Will help loosen up congestion and mucus and eliminate need for cough.

      Gargling with warm salt water can help as well. Combine 1 teaspoon of salt in one pint of warm water. Gargle gently and frequently as needed throughout the day, but be careful not to swallow too much due to the high sodium content. This can not only help give your throat some relief but can also help wash out any secretions in the back of your throat.

      Hope you feel better...

    What can I do about fatigue during my period?
    I am reeeally tired right now and I just feel like going home and going back to bed. I experience fatigue the whooole time until it is over, what can I do about it?? The medicines like pamphrin don't really help.

    • ANSWER:
      Homeopathic Remedies for Menustrational Complaints (You must read it carefully) these are 100% cures which cure without any side effects or complications :-

      Dark, clotted; copious or scanty menses, during day time only; 1st menses delayed and painful; intermittent and irregular; changing moods; likes open air Pulsatilla 30 or 200, 4 hourly

      Early and profuse; copious; during night on lying down; frequently; intermittent; painful Kreosote 30 or 200, 3 hourly (3)

      Menses dark; acrid, excoriating,during night only, after lying down Bovista 30 or 200, 4 hourly

      Copious and dark; worse after injury Hamamellis 30, 3 hourly (3)

      Dark, clotted, painful and frequent, due to displaced uterus; during night only Trillium p.Q or 6X, 3 hourly

      Copious; gushing and frequent; worse after exertion; every 2 weeks or every few days;lasting for a week or more Medorrhinum 200 or 1M monthly (3)

      Copious, offensive, clotted and painful,due to uterine fibroid; difficult to wash Platina 200 or 1M, 3 hourly (3)

      Menses bright red, copious, clotted, painful and frequent; worse during menopause; walking ameliorates; history of abortion Sabina 30 or 200 6 hourly

      Menses bright red, mingled with dark clots; offensive Belladonna 30, 4 hourly

      Mense bright red; gushing; nausea or vomiting, clean tongue Ipecac 30, 4 hourly

      Menses bright red; copious and frequent Millefolium Q or 30 4 hourly

      Menses bright red; vicarious; patient desires icy cold water Phosphorus 30 or 200, 4 hourly(3)

      Menses acrid; excoriating;copious after miscarriage; frequent; intermittent China 6 or 30, 4 hourly

      Menses copious; continues upto next period; dark and clotted; irregular Secale Cor 30 4 hourly

      Menses profuse and early; copious with dark clots and abdominal distention Nux vomica 30 or 200, 6 hourly

      Early and excessive; bright red, long lasting with headache; copious; worse after exertion; early in young girls lasting for long; late in adults Calc-phos 12X or 30, 3 hourly (3)

      Copious; lasting a week or more,frequent, every 2 weeks; intermittent Sulphur 200 or 1M, 4 hourly (3)

      Amenorrhoea; dark clotted blood; copious, frequent, delayed; first menses delayed; exhausting; pale, thin blood Ferrum met.3X or 6X, 4 hourly

      Irregular; painful, delayed or frequent; worse after exertion Sepia 30 or 200, 3 hourly (3)

      Early; profuse and frequent; every 2 weeks; during lactation; lasting a week or more; returns after excitement; suppressed after working in water or becoming wet Calcarea carb.200 or 1M, 3 hourly (3)

      Menses copious, frequent,dark, intermittent and irregular; during day time only; offensive, painful and thick Lilium tig.30 or 200, 4 hourly (3)

      Menstrual flow suppressed after fright or shock; in plethoric young girls; menses profuse with nose bleed; late; marked fear and restlessness Aconite 30 or 200, 3 hourly

      Menses frequent and copious; offensive; passive bleeding Helonias Q or 6, 4 hourly

      All complaints better during menstruation; copious or scanty; painful for very short period only; dark, lumpy and black Lachesis 200 or 1M 3 hourly (3)

      Copious; worse after injury or coition; bruised pains Arnica 200 or 1M 3 hourly (3)

      Menses copious; late or suppressed; worse while sitting; feels better after flow starts Zincum met.30 or 200, 3 hourly(3)

      Dark, clotted, stringy, offensive, painful and frequent; worse from least movements Crocus sat.Q or 6X, 4 hourly

      Delayed; specially first menses; irregular,painful,pale and scanty; stools constipated Graphites 30 or 200 3 hourly(3)

      Delayed and painful; flow aggravates the complaints; neuralgic, rheumatic pain;scanty or suppressed due to emotions or fever Actaea race.30 or 200 4 hourly (3)

      Delayed, scanty,stopped due to cold; putting hands in cold water, due to cold; breast becomes enlarged, sore and painful during menstrual cycle Conium mac.200 or 1M 3 hourly (3)

      Delayed or stopped; by putting hands in cold water; suppressed after drinking milk Lac-def.200 3 hourly (3)

      Early or delayed; exhausting,scanty or profuse; stools hard and constipated; haemorrhage between periods Thlaspi b-p.Q or 6 4 hourly

      Copious; alternate periods more profuse; frequent and painful;very slight (1st day only), 2nd day with vomiting; mentrual colic with large clots Cyclamen 30 4 hourly

      Painful and scanty;increases while sitting and less while walking Alumina 30 or 0/5 4 hourly

      Menses with neuralgic pain; dysmenorrhoea with pains flying to other parts of the body Caulophyllum 30 or 200 4 hourly (3)

      Early, dark and stringy with neuralgic pain; better after flow starts; menstrual colic; membranous dysmenorrhoea Magnesia phos.12X or 30 3 hourly

      menses lasts for long; thick and dark; irregular Nux mosch.200 3 hourly (3)

      Early and profuse; menses returns after over exertion; long walk, passing hard stools etc; discharge of blood between periods Ambra gr.200 3 hourly (3)

      Painful; only for one day or one hour; late and scanty; amenorrhoea with opthalmia Euphrasia 30 or 200 4 hourly

      Menses appear only for one day; scanty, pain in small of back and stomach during menstruation Baryta carb.200 4 hourly (3)

      Clotted,stringy, passive and bright red; profuse after miscarriage; worse after slightest provocation Ustilago Q or 6 4 hourly

      Early and profuse; suppressed after bathing in river or swimming pool; tongue thickly whitish coated Antim-crud.200 4 hourly (3)

      Suppressed with colic; better bending double and by pressure Colocynth 200 3 hourly (3)

      Acrid,early, profuse and prolonged; suppressed after getting feet wet Rhus tox.200 or 1M 3 hourly (3)

      Early and profuse; epistaxis instead of menses; worse by motion Bryonia 30 or 200 4 hourly

      Totally exhausted during menstruation, can hardly speak; lasting for long, though not profuse Carbo an.200 3 hourly(3)

      Menses early or late; scanty or profuse; pain with soreness about genitals; pain from back passes down through left labium Kali carb.200 or 1M 3 hourly (3)

      Gushing; exhausting with colic as from sharp stones rubbing together; irregular and painful Cocculus ind.30 or 200 4 hourly

      Scanty; early or delayed; clots of black blood; menstrual flow aggravates all the complaints Thuja oc.200 or 1M 3 hourly (3)

      Frequent; early or delayed during day time only; no menses at night; scanty and offensive Causticum 200 or 1M 3 hourly (3)

      Frequent and gushing; membranous; painful and stringy; breasts swollen and painful before menses and better afterwards; excessive menstruation; discharge of bloody mucous after menses at the time of new moon Lac-can.200 or 1M 3 hourly (3)

      Menses during lactation period; while nursing the child Silicea 200 or 1M 3 hourly (3)

      Membranous; early and profuse, with griping in abdomen; nausea and pain in stomach extending to small of back Borax 30 4 hourly

      Early with thick and strong odour; offensive; premature and too copious Carbo Veg.30 or 200 3 hourly (3 Doses)

      Menses offensive; vicarious; mammae swollen and painful Psorinum 200 or 1M, monthly (3)

      Menses painful; suppressed; colic before the appearance of discharge Verat Vir 30X or 200 4 hourly (3 Doses)

      Dysmenorrhoea; menses usually delayed Pneumococcus 30X or 200, 3 hourly (3 Doses)

      Take the remedy which is similar to your symptoms. No side effects or complications if taken as directed, please do not exceed the given dosage and under any circumstances do not try to mix any remedies and avoid Chocolates, Mints, Coffee, Red Meat, Alcoholic and Carbonated drinks, Spicy Rich Food while taking any Homeopathic remedies, and keep the medicines away from direct sunlight, heat strong smells and perfumes and do not store them in the fridge.
      Curing without any side effects or Complications Thats the Beauty of Homeopathic Medicine

      For more information on Homeopathy and women's problems please look up under the appropriate header :- http://www.hpathy.com/diseases/

      I hope and pray that the provided information proves helpful to you.

      Best of Health to you.

      Take Care and God Bless you !

    What is a good over the counter medication or home remedy for a head cold?

    • ANSWER:
      Homeopathic Treatment(s) for Influenza/Cold :-

      Head remedy; restlessness with prostration and excessive thirst at short intervals Arsenic Album 30, 4 hourly

      Intercurrent remedy Influenzinum 200 and Sulphur 200, 4 hourly

      Early stage with chill and sneezing; heaviness and tiredness of body and limbs; loss of thirst, bursting headache; relief from passing large quantities of pale urine Gelsemium 30 or 200, 4 hourly

      Severe pains in limbs and back; bones feel 'broken', bursting headache; shivering,and chills in back; eyeballs sore Eupatorium Perf 30 or 200, 3 hourly

      Rapid prostration; high fever, gastric symptoms; dull red face, nervousness Kali Phos.6X or 30, 4 hourly

      With dry, hacking cough; headache is worse after least movement; wants to lie still and alone; better by pressure, tongue is coated white; great thirst Bryonia Alba 30 or 200, 4 hourly

      Patient very chilly; feels cold even in bed; least movement or exposure intensifies the sensation of cold; fresh shivering and chill after drinking; aching in limbs and back; nose stuffed up at night Nux Vomica 30 or 200, 4 hourly

      Severe pains in back and thighs; chilliness, no fire or heat can warm up the patient; rapid pulsation with temperature not proportionately high; restlessness; violent pulsations; bruised feeling all over Pyrogenium 200, 3 hourly (3 Doses)

      Cold/Catarrh/Coryza :-

      1st Stage :-

      Icy coldness of whole body; internal and external both.
      To give heat to the system Camphor 6X or 30, 1/2 hourly

      Cold due to sudden exposure to dry cold wind; chilly feeling; headache, watering of eyes and sneezing;a nxiety and fear; feverish feeling Aconite 30 or 200, 2 hourly

      Running of nose during day and blockage at night with chilly feeling Nux vomica 30, 3 hourly

      Cold with sneezing and profuse from eyes and nose; worse in warmth and indoor; better in open air Allium Cepa 30, 3 hourly

      Dryness of nose with headache; worse from motion; thirst more; lips parched and dry; stools constipated Bryonia 30 or 200, 3 hourly

      Sneezing; watering of nose and eyes; throat sore with constant desire to swallow saliva; foul smell from mouth; feverish feeling with sweat which do not relieve. Worse at night Mercurius Sol 30 3 hourly

      Watering and burning of eyes with streaming nose; acrid discharges Euphrasia 30, 3 hourly

      Chilly feeling though face is hot; restlessness; unquenchable thirst, drinks often but little at a time; better hot drinks Arsenic Album 30, 3 hourly

      Acrid discharge from the nose which corrodes the upper lip. Nose filled with phelgm; breathes through the mouth Arum Triph 30, 3 hourly

      Cold; running of nose and sneezing; redness and pain forehead; watering eyes Sabadilla 30, 4 hourly

      Cold;pain throat; red face, rush of blood towards head Belladonna 30, 4 hourly

      Aching pain; dullness; chilliness in back; sneezing; bland and thick discharge from nose; feverish; better by passing urine Gelsemium 30, 3 hourly

      Coryza with sneezing and aching in bones of extremities with soreness of flesh Eup Perf 30, 3 hourly

      Cold; better from cold bathing Calcarea Sulph 30, 4 hourly

      Dripping of nose while eating Trombidium 30 or 200, 6 hourly

      Dripping of nose while going to sleep Thuja Occ 30 or 200, 6 hourly

      Dry coryza; sniffles of infants, blockage of nose Sambucus Nig 30, 4 hourly

      2nd Stage :-

      Discharge from nose; yellowish or greenish; stringy Kali Bich 30, 4 hourly

      Greenish yellow mucous from nose; loss of taste and thirst; better open air Pulsatilla 30, 4 hourly

      Thick yellow discharge from nose; post nasal cattarh; constipation Hydrastis Can 30, 4 hourly

      Watering from nose like a tap; thirst more; stools constipated; cold aggravates till noon and ameliorates after noon Natrum Mur 30 (in acute stage Bryonia 30), 4 hourly

      In fat and flabby patient; worse after bathing; chilly patient Calcarea Carb.200, 6 hourly

      Watery discherge from the nose and finally it becomes thick, yellow. Pain in the throat on swallowing as if full of splinters; sensitive to cold Hepar Sulph 30, 4 hourly

      Cold worse early morning; chronic; dry catarrh; aversion to take bath Sulphur 200 weekly (3 Doses)

      Chronic catarrh; dry coryza, with blockage of nose; worse change of weather and cold Psorinum 200 weekly (3 Doses)

      Chronic cases with tubercular history Tuberculinum k 200 or 1M, fortnightly (6 Doses)

      Obstinate chronic cases when indicated remedy fails Bacillinum 1M, weekly (3 Doses) .

      Choose the remedy which is most similar to the patients symptoms, Do not try to mix or exceed the given dosage or remedy.
      Take Care and God Bless You !

    At what tempature should i bring my 4yr old daughter to the doctors?
    Her temp was 99.6 last night. I gave her some cough medicine bc she's coughing, stuffy nose etc. I took her temp this am when she got up and its now at 100.5.

    • ANSWER:
      At four, a trip to the doctors/ER is required only if she has a fever that lasts a few days or her behavior is markedly off, lethargic, if motrin/tylenol and home remedies don't bring it down etc. My kids run fevers in the 104s and 105s and, most of the time, they don't require a trip to the ER. Sometimes, they don't even need to go to the doctors. It's only if the fever lasts or continues getting worse or their behavior changes. For example, they come down with a cold that seems to be going away then all of a sudden the fever spikes -- this is a sign that they've developed a secondary bacterial infection that will need antibiotics. Or, they are vomiting with a high fever and become lethargic, which could mean that they are dehydrated and need fluids.

      I know fevers can be scary and it's awful when your child is sick but try to think of a fever as a good thing -- it's the body's way of fighting off infection and killing the germs so your child can get better. Most fevers are caused by viruses and there is nothing a doctor can do about those except to treat the symptoms and let it run its course. If my child was ill with a fever in the low 100s but still acting normally, I probably wouldn't even give motrin. If, however, he/she has a fever in the 99s but is acting ill and complaining of things, then I would treat the fever.

      I attached a link will all sorts of info. on fevers if you want to read it. It states that a call to the doctor isn't necessary for an older child until it hits 102.2 or...

      * refuses fluids or seems too ill to drink adequately
      * has persistent diarrhea or repeated vomiting
      * has any signs of dehydration (urinating less than usual, not having tears when crying, less alert and less active than usual)
      * has a specific complaint (e.g., sore throat or earache)
      * still has a fever after 24 hours (in kids younger than 2 years) or 72 hours (in kids 2 years or older)
      * has recurrent fevers, even if they only last a few hours each night
      * has a chronic medical problem such as heart disease, cancer, lupus, or sickle cell anemia
      * has a rash
      * has pain with urination

      And to head to the ER if...
      * inconsolable crying
      * extreme irritability
      * lethargy and difficulty waking
      * rash or purple spots that look like bruises on the skin (that were not there before the child got sick)
      * blue lips, tongue, or nails
      * infant's soft spot on the head seems to be bulging outward or sunken inwards
      * stiff neck
      * severe headache
      * limpness or refusal to move
      * difficulty breathing that doesn't get better when the nose is cleared
      * leaning forward and drooling
      * seizure
      * abdominal pain

    How to get rid of sore throat?
    I've been sick for about a week half my throat hurts my left ear hurts and it hurts to swallow anything it hurts ti move my tongue or even open my mouth please help :'(

    • ANSWER:
      The best home remedies are probably honey and warm milk or even just honey and hot water, some people say to use lemon juice but i've found this to sting, drink warm fluids and you should be fine.

      Avoid cold drinks and carbonated ones, you could also use a steam bowl and place a towel over your head and breath in the steam to soothe your throat. Taking vitamins to boost your immune system may also help to fight a throat infection.

      Also, try gargling salt water or Listerine (tastes better) before spitting it out of coarse. Eat soup as this wont irritate your throat. I found that sprays and lozenges don't work all that well.

      However by far my best tip is that if you can pick up some co-codamol from a chemist crush it in warm water get it to partially dissolve before gargling and swallowing, it will stop your throat hurting completely in 30 seconds, however the pain might return after the pain killers have worn off. ( co-codomol) is a painkiller that contains two types of pain relief, paracetamol and codeine.

home remedies for cold sores on tongue

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