Can You Treat Herpes Without Medication

There are many people who feel that is is safer to cure certain health conditions with all natural products rather then with prescription or over the counter medications. They think that most of the ingredients we cook with or the plants that we see most every day have healing properties that function quicker and are much healthier for us.One of these ingredients is coconut oil. Rising reports show a strong connection that this has the ability to be utilized to address children who are hurting from pneumonia. They believe that it holds certain antibiotic therapies that aid to lighten the symptoms quicker then normal medicinal methods. Pneumonia is a condition that infects the lungs. For children and some adults it is a serious infection that might be fatal if it is not addressed right. In the study they separated the children in to two groups; the one that used coconut oil and the group that used more conventional medicines. The children who had the oil along with a few other antibiotics were able to recover faster. Their respiratory rate and fever had developed and they had increased oxygen saturation in the blood.A part of the group utilized the oil by the mough every day depending on what they weighed. They used this for three continuous days and observed that their respiratory rate became normal after only 32 hours. The other group required 48 hours to get better.Health researchers think that the coconut oil was able to work with the ampicillin - the usual medicinal drug used to treat pneumonia. The oil carries lauric acid - which has specific antimicrobial attributes that function well with the ampicillin. This is simply one way that you have the ability to better your children s health with coconut oil. It s healing properties will serve to help them recuperate from health other conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

    How to treat sores on my mouth?
    I woke up today with painful sores under my upper lip, on the outside of my upper lip, and right between my two front teeth. I have not been sexually active in over three months so I know it's not an STD, but I have been using crest white strips for three days. I have used them previously before without any side effects. I am also recovering from strep throat.

    Can anyone help me figure out how I may have gotten these sores? Also, how I can I treat them?

    • ANSWER:
      Cold sores are caused by oral herpes simplex 1 and this is not an std. No sex or kissing is required to get it.

      85% of people have contracted oral herpes and most of them got it when they were kids ( 1-2 years old ). It's highly contagious and just a skin touch is enough to get it. No kissing, no saliva, no sex is needed in order to contract it.

      Oral herpes though - if we get an outbreak - can be transmitted to the genitals as simplex 1 ( oral ) or simplex 2. But this is a whole different thing.

      Oral herpes needs to do its cycle in order to go away and there's not much you can do. Compeed's clear patches for cold sores help with the symptoms, meaning the burning sensation, itchy feeling, also help it not to spread.

      Do not touch it, scratch it at any case because it can leave a permanent spot on the lips. It will go away on its own.

      What triggers oral herpes so you get an outbreak : Fever, cold/flu, any kind of illness, medication, stress/anxiety, climate etc.

      You can't get a mouth ulcers outside of the mouth. This is a simple case or oral herpes and nothing to worry about or feel ashamed of. Almost everyone has it.

    What are the similarities between symptoms of Candida infection and Herpes Simplex infection?
    Particularly the way the infected area looks and the time to heal without medication?

    • ANSWER:
      Both can cause irritation of the gential area. The similarities end there, though. Candida is a yeast that overgrows at times, causing diffuce redness, itching, and thick white vaginal discharge (Candida also causes white plaques when it shows up on other areas of skin, like between skin folds of obese folk or on the tongues of those with oral candida) Herpes causes extremely painful, discrete ulcers on the moist mucosal skin. Think pain, not itch, and no associate white material!

      Herpes will regress in 2 weeks after the first outbreak, adn after about 1 week in subsequent outbreaks. Candida will stick around until you treat it with an antifungal....from your doctor.

      The best way to differentialte between the two on yourself is with your doctor's help! :)

    How likely am I to infect my partner?
    I was diagnosed with Herpes 1 and 2 and had my first outbreak in the summer of 2011, I'm a female. Since then, I've had two outbreaks. One last month and one this month. I am not taking any medications and just sort of hoping that I won't have frequent outbreaks. My question is how likely is it that I transmit the virus while experiencing NO outbreaks and having sex with a condom? Also, what are the chances that my partner will get herpes from me giving him oral sex without a condom?

    • ANSWER:
      You should definitely get medications! Herpes will lead to worse infections when left untreated, and if you want to be a mother then herpes will also complicate birth. If your herpes are untreated, there is no foolproof method of prevention transmission. Even people who have caught herpes but have no symptoms at all can transmit the infection, let alone someone who has symptoms and outbreaks. If you must have sex, you need to tell your partner that you have herpes, and let him decide whether or not he still wants to have sex with you. Obtain medications from your doctor and use condoms, for both vaginal and oral sex, as both can transmit the infection. You must be careful, and also treating the infection is good for you as it will stop the discomfort. Hope you get better.

can you treat herpes without medication

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