Can Antibiotics Be Used To Treat Herpes Outbreaks

Thanks to many of the advances in modern science and medicine, researchers have developed antibiotics which significantly help people suffering from a case of shingles. Although there are a variety of antibiotics that may be prescribed by a doctor to someone suffering from shingles, they all perform the same basic functions. Many doctors prefer to prescribe an antibiotic to their patients with shingles. These antibiotics are designed to not only ease the pain and irritation of the shingles rash, but also to decrease the duration that the rash lasts. Antibiotics for shingles include Zovirax, Valtrex and Famvir. Regardless of which antibiotic your doctor chooses to prescribe you, the key element is that you begin the antibiotic in the early stages of shingles. It has been proven in several different studies that these antibiotics are most effective when taken within three days of the initial symptoms of shingles. By beginning an antibiotic at this stage of shingles, you can ensure that it has the maximum effect on reducing irritation and duration. Although some doctors choose to prescribe antibiotics to their patients with shingles, other doctors choose to only treat the symptoms of pain. In these cases, a doctor will recommend a common pain reliever such as Tylenol or Advil. The use of pain medications may be necessary for some patients even after the rash phase of shingles has ended. There are a percentage of shingles sufferers who experience postherpetic neuralgia, also known as PHN for short. PHN is basically a persistent pain that continues to occur even after the physical signs of shingles disappear. However, it is important to note that some doctors may prescribe an additional antibiotic to treat the symptoms of PHN. In addition to pain medications and antibiotics, researchers are currently pursuing other forms of treatment. One of the more promising advances in the field of shingles treatment has been a vaccine to prevent occurrences of shingles. Although there has been a chickenpox vaccine for several years, researchers have not developed a completely effective shingles vaccine. However, several months ago, the FDA approved a shingles vaccine which is currently being used in high risk patients. Over the next few years, it is expected that this vaccine will be used in an increasing amount of the general population. Thanks to extensive research and development, people are being presented with a steadily increasing amount of treatment options for cases of shingles. Please remember the advice and information in this article isn't meant nor intended to replace professional medical advice. If you think you may be suffering from shingles you should speak to a doctor or special care practitioner as soon as possible and try to limit your contact with those around you until you know whether or not you have shingles.

Frequently Asked Questions

    why isn't acyclovir used to treat viral infections other than herpes simplex?
    Acyclovir is used to treat herpes and sometimes HIV, oral hairy leukoplakia, or epstein-barr. Why isn't it effective against the common cold or other viruses? Also, does it need to be taken persistently and long-term to combat viral outbreaks, or only for 7-14 days?

    I'm curious from a medical perspective (I'm not a patient), so feel free to be technical in your reply.

    • ANSWER:
      Just like with antibiotics that are active against bacteria in different ways (mechanisms of action), antiviral medications also target different mechanisms -- usually the reproduction cycle.

      The two main requirements for medication choices:
      - the process that it prevents/interupts must be an integral process of viral replication
      -the agent/drug is active against the virus while having an acceptable toxicity to the host organism.

      The antiviral drugs are made up of different chemicals (nucleoside analogs that can target viral polymerase and in some cases reverse transcriptase; peptide analogues that target HIV protease; Triazole carboxamide, which mutates RNA, eg. ribavirin -- broad spectrum as it works on HCV, HSV, measles, mumps, Lassa fever etc.; tricyclic amines that target surface structural proteins; neuraminic acid mimetic that targets the neuraminic inhibitor; small cyclic chemicals that block attachment and uncoating; and proteins that target the activation of cell defense proteins.

      Attachment, Penetration/Uncoating, Genome replication, Gene Expression, and Assembly/Maturation/Release are the main targets in the viral replication cycle that agents target.

      Every virus is different and some drugs are simply more effective against certain viruses and less against others. It may have to do with the particulars of the viral replication cycle, makeup of the virus' coat, etc.,.

      The duration of antiviral treatment is different for most viral infections and can depend on the virus in question, host factors (compromised immune system etc.), stage of disease/viral load, as well as other co-conditions.

      Hope this helps

    Can I use Doxycycline 100 mg 2x daily to treat a genitial herpes outbreak?
    I can't get to the doctor until Monday or Tuesday and was wondering if this would at least help until then? Please don't judge.....

    • ANSWER:
      NO. Doxycycline is used to treat bacterial infections such as chlamydia. Herpes is a virus and can not be treated with any antibiotic. You will need some form of antiviral ointment or cream for herpes but your best bet will be to just wait those couple of days until you see the doc because they will still be there on Monday even if you use over the counter medicines.

    Curing a yeast infection after a surgical abortion?
    I had a surgical abortion 9 days ago and I was given Amoxicillin to take three times a day for seven days. I finished my antibiotics and took them properly. I now have itching and white, clumpy discharge. I'm pretty sure it's a yeast infection.

    At first, I though the itching was a herpes outbreak, but it didn't feel the same as an outbreak. I've had yeast infections before after taking antibiotics, and it feels more like that.

    I can't use anything in my vagina for two weeks (no sex, sex toys, fingers, tampons, no baths, swimming, douching, etc.) so I'm not sure if I can use the 1 step monistat. Would it be better to try and get a prescription for fluconizole, or can I use Monistat?

    Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      Any time a female has to take an antibiotic she has to take a probiotic or she most likely will get a yeast infection as antibiotic disrupt vaginal flora. Your doctor should have told you that and when my pharmacy gives me any antibiotic they include a handout on taking a probiotic with it.

      You can treat yeast infections by taking oral medication. That is all I ever do and it works great. Take 2 acidophilus tablets daily while you have one which is usually 5-7 days until the itching is gone and burning and your discharge returns to normal. Also you have to buy 3 big tubs of plain yogurt. No fruit just plain. Does not taste good but has acidophilus in it also which is the good bacteria you lose with a yeast infection. Also buy Vagisil Maximum cream for the outer itching. Apply often daily as the itching comes back. At first when you put the cream on it burns but then its a cooling feeling and takes the itching and burning away, again just reapply when the symptoms come back.

      Avoid sugar and sugary drinks as sugar makes yeast multiply.

      A female should take one acidophilus a daily to prevent yeast infections.

    Does anyone know side affects of using lysine for cats?
    My kitty has had an upper respiratory infection for some time now and the doctor suggested using lysine which is used to treat a common herpes virus in cats. My cat was on 2 different kinds of antibiotics before the vet suggested to try the lysine. At first we thought she might have allergies but the allergy shots would have worked. So most likely she has a weak immune system probably due to herpes. Since I have been giving her her lysine I have noticed that she has a large patch of fur on the back of her neck that is also bloody because I'm assuming that she's been scratching it. I did see her do this today and even more fur flew off. I was wondering if anybody else may have had this same experience and if this patch of fur missing could be a side affect.

    • ANSWER:
      In my veterinarians book of natural remedies for cats the lysine is precribed for cats to help the immune system fight herpes breakouts. High doses are precribed when an outbreak occurs and a lower dose for maintenance. No side effects are mentioned and it is a water soluble amino acid so there is no buildup in a cat's system from regular use.

      I think the hair loss would be from something else. I hope you are feeding her a high quality cat food with lots of wholesome meat protein to keep her immune system strong too. You might want to look into a raw meat diet for her. You can go to to read a veterinarian's recommendation on that.
      At Dr. Jean Hovfe has several articles on cat nutrition and diet - "Easy Homemade Diets for Cats and Dogs", "Homemade vs. Commercial Food for Cats and Dogs" and "Probiotics: A Dietary Powerhouse for Your Cat." You might also read "Introduction to Homeopathy" and consider finding a homeopathic vet to treat your cat.

    Does proutix antibiotic prevent first outbreak for herpes?
    So I once suspected that I had genital herpes but then my mom gave me this proutix. A day later, the pain was almost gone. I had no ulcers or fever. My parents have oral herpes but, can proutix help first outbreak of herpes? Thanks in advance. (:

    • ANSWER:
      Sorry hun antibiotics don't do any thing for herpes. You should be taking antiviral medication or suppressants.
      Oral herpes isn't passed genetically and it doesn't turn into genital herpes. You would have some blisters and be in some discomfort, initial break outs can be very pain full.
      You may want to see a doctor and get tested to make sure that you have it before you treat it with some thing you don't need, your body can build up resistance to antibiotics if you constantly use them.

    my kitten was diagnosed with the feline herpes virus and his eye is swollen shut?
    simba is 4 months old and recently i noticed green gunk coming out of his eye. i took him to the vet and they gave me antibiotic ointment which did not work and it got worse. because of the way his eye is swollen (his third eyelid is showing) and his resistance to antibiotics they diagnosed him with the feline herpes virus and ordered antiviral eye drops which are in route. but his eye looks terrible. and it is pussy...not colored but cloudy discharge. what can i do...please help

    • ANSWER:
      My cat has herpes too. The drops have be obtained from a pharmacy, and few pharmacies carry them in my area. I paid money to have the drops rushed overnight.
      But they have a long shelf life so you will be able to hold onto them if they aren't used with this outbreak.
      Keep in mind there are several ways to treat herpes, both local and oral medications. Ask your vet about lysine too. It is a gel you can give them orally (some lick it off your finger, some you can just smear on their paw and let them groom it off). It helps keep herpes symptoms dormant and prevents spreading - in case you have multiple cats like I do.

      Until your drops arrive, keep his eyes clear of discharge the best you can. Hold a warm cloth on his eyes. close him up in the bathroom with you while you take a hot shower so he can breath the steam.

      Hang in there. Herpes is a pain in the butt, but it is not a big tragedy unless ulcers form. (google feline herpes ulcers and look at the pictures. But do it on an empty stomach.)

      ADD - Actually. you don't need a prescription for the lysine. Go here:

      This is what my vet gave me for my herpes inflicted kitty. But here it's half the cost.

    i think im having my second outbreak of genital herpes?
    I had my first outbreak im may this year and the pain was unbearable.

    2 days ago i had a itch downstairs and when i itched it, it then become very painfull. I asked my boyfriend to have a look and he said i just had a red area which loked like a cut or something, when i go to the toilet and have a we its quite painfull when i wipe myself.

    could i be having my second out break?

    Should i do anything to help the situation?

    • ANSWER:
      Herpes outbreaks can resemble a "slit" in the skin, as well as the sores/blisters people usually think of when the word herpes is used. It does sound as though you are having a second go-round.

      You will probably want to see the doc for some anti-virals to treat the outbreak you are having now. Also, set in a supply of anti-virals to keep on hand in the future (generic acyclovir is the cheapest and you can get them at cut-rate at Walmart/Kmart/Walgreens/etc.)

      In the meantime, you might want to try these pain relievers:
      Pour water over your privates whenever you have to pee
      Fill plastic bags with ice and put them on the irritated area and sit on them as often as you can to relieve the pain.
      Fill a tub with water and add 1 cup of salt. It helps relieve the pain.
      Try an aspirin paste (3 aspirins, dissolved in water, applied with a CLEAN cotton ball to the area, and leave it on). It's an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever.
      Make some GREEN TEA in a cup and chill. Leave the tea bag in the cup. Pour a little tea into a bowl, and using a CLEAN cotton ball, apply frequently to cool and heal the area. Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties-plus an anti-oxidant.
      Do NOT use cortisone creams or antibiotic creams. Neither affects herpes, and cortisone can make it much worse.

      Hope these tips help until you can see the doctor.

    HELPHELPHELP How do you know if you have STD?
    i think i have STD or herpes?
    i think i have one of them
    but im scared to get it checked out before i actualy think i might haveit
    im only 16, can anyone tell me the main things that happens when youhave it so il see if i do or not
    please help:(

    • ANSWER:
      Sexually transmitted diseases or STDs are infectious conditions that occur due to transmission of disease causing pathogens through sexual activity including vaginal, anal or oral intercourse

      Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
      Pelvic Inflammatory Disease is an infection of the upper reproductive tract in women (cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries). It is caused by a variety of sexually transmitted organisms, including gonorrhea and chlamydia.
      abdominal, cervical and/or uterine pain
      pus-like vaginal discharge
      PID is treated using antiobiotics.

      Vaginitis refers to a bacterial infection or inflammation of the vagina. While men do not display the symptoms, they can transmit the infections.
      yellow to gray-green discharge with a "fishy" smell
      pain on urination
      vaginal itching
      painful intercourse
      Vaginitis is treated by both partners taking a prescribed medication (Flagyl).

      Trichomonas is a vaginal infection caused by a one-celled organism. The organism can live for a few hours outside the body, and can be transmitted through shared towels, bathing suits, etc.
      frothy thin, gray or greenish-white vaginal discharge
      itching and redness in the vaginal area
      pain on urination
      As in the case of vaginitis, treatment is accomplished by both partners taking Flagyl.

      Gonorrhea is a bacterial STD, transmitted to/from another person through either genital, oral or anal contact. Symptoms appear 2 ot 21 days after contact an infected individual.
      In women syptoms include:
      thick, pus-like discharge
      vaginal soreness
      painful, burning sensation upon urination
      bleeding after intercourse
      Male Symptoms:
      thick, cloudy, foul-smelling penile discharge
      painful, burning sensation upon urination
      testicular or abdominal pain
      Gonorrhea is treated with an injection of antibiotics.

      Chlamydia is a bacterial STD and one of the three most common STDs on the Stanford Campus. Symptoms appear from several days to weeks after contact.
      In women symptoms include:
      increased discharge which may be colorless and odorless
      pain with intercourse on deep penetration and/or bleeding after intercourse
      burning with urination
      Men should look for the following symptoms:
      penile discharge
      burning with urination/frequent or urgent urination
      itching at the end of the penile opening
      Chlamydia is successfully treated with antiobiotics.

      Syphilis is a bacterial infection spread through open sores, rashes or broken skin. The first symptoms appear 9-90 days after infection.
      development of a chancre (painless sore)
      swollen painful joints/aching bones
      rash on hands and feet and mild hair loss
      Syphilis is readily treated with an injection of antibiotics.

      Chancroid is a bacterial infection which can be transmitted through oral, vaginal, or anal intercourse. Untreated chancroid can infect and swell the glands located in the groin. Chancroid is especially dangerous as the sores it produces increase the chances of getting HIV.
      appearance of small boil or ulcer
      open sore
      painful urination
      Chancroid is successfully treated with oral antibiotics.

      Herpes is a viral infection which enters the body through the mucous membranes of the mouth and genitals. Herpes can be classified into Types 1 and 2: "Oral Herpes" and "Genital Herpes". Both strains can, however, affect the genital area and can be passed on through genital-genital contact and through oral-genital contact. Herpes symptoms are apparent 3-7 days after exposure. Herpes is one of the three most common STDs found on the Stanford Campus.
      Symptoms associated with a Herpes outbreak:
      mild tingling and burning
      watery blisters
      low grade fever/headache
      There is no cure for Herpes. Syptoms may be relieved with the use of pain relievers, wearing dry, loose clothing, and treatment with Acyclovir (a viral inhibitor).

      Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)
      HPV is caused by a virus which is transmitted by skin to skin contact. It is usually spread through genital to genital contact, although infection through oral sex has been reported. HPV is one of the three most common STDs found on the Stanford Campus. The incubation period for symptoms is one month to many years.
      Symptoms in both men and women include:
      palpable lump or irregularity of the skin surface
      painful intercourse if the lesions are rubbed
      While the warts may be removed using liquid nitrogen, electrocautery or laser treatments, the virus remains dormant and recurrence is likely.

      Human Immunodeficiency Virus invades and impairs the immune system. It can be transmitted bodily fluids such as blood, semen and vaginal secretions. Fluids can enter the system


    I still need help figuring out this STD?
    I have a friend who went to the er yesterday. She was soo upset all she could do is cry so I cried with her. The doctor said it was genital herpes & a urinary tract infection. Her symptoms are:
    Bladder spasms
    Yellow discharge
    Puss filled sores / blisters
    Pain when she pees
    Uncomfortableness when she sits or walks
    It all started last Wednesday night first it was itching then it was redness then the sores came. She got sick Friday morning migraine, sensitivity to light, & a fever. Is there anything else besides genital herpes she could have please help I love my bestfriend. I don't doubt the doctor I just wanted to know if there was anything else out there her results come back 2 or 3 days from today. She has she also shaved before the sex which was in between 14 days leading up to today. Please leave all negative comments to yourself this is serious. Thanks everybody for the help!

    • ANSWER:
      I am not sure what your actual question is.

      The herpes will be causing the blisters and sores. The urinary tract infection will be causing pain on urination, discharge, spasms and feeling uncomfortable. The constipation is probably not related to either condition, and is incidental.

      The UTI can be easily treated with a few days of antibiotics. The herpes, it's there to stay unfortunately. The blisters she has will burst in a few days, then scab over before disappearing, but the virus responsible for this will remain in her body. Your friend ought to practice safe sex with everyone from now on, as she can still infect other partners, even if she is not having an active outbreak. If she gets another herpes outbreak, it is recommended she take antivirals such as Zovirax as soon as possible, as this can shorten the duration and intensity of an outbreak.

      Sad, but let this be a lesson to you - always use a condom.

    A doctor tells a patient that an antibiotic will not help cure a cold sore. Explain the doctor's reasoning.?

    • ANSWER:
      In reality, there is no cure for this virus. The best medications available are effective in treating outbreaks and reducing the impact of a viral flare up, but to date, there is no known cold sore cure. Herpes simplex virus infects the roots of your nerves and travel up the nerve on occasion (this is what causes the outbreak/cold sore). Antibiotic and antiviral medications, while effective the first several times you use them, are not the best long term solution. Over time, your immune system will start to build a tolerance for the medications, and the effectiveness of them will be lessened each time you take them. Good Luck.

    What do I have? Is it herpes? So anxious please help.?
    So about a month and a half ago, I had four bumps on my groin/buttcheeks. Doctor said it really looked like molluscum contagiosum and he froze them. I had 3 new that popped, so I went back. It was another doctor and she said it didn't look like anything but a pimple so she didn't treat them. They were not uncomfortable. One of them just faded away, it sort of dried with the tea tree oil.

    Now a month later, I still have 2. One in my groin, the other on the buttcheek. They got a bit bigger because I tried to "pop" them. But they havent changed in appearance for over three weeks. Now, I'm scared about herpes because I get anxious, go on the internet and learn that most people don't know they have herpes or the symptom are not as bad as people say.

    I went back to the doctor, he looked at the bumps and he said he wasn't sure it it was molluscum this time, but he would be very surprised if it was herpes. He took a swab anyway and gave me a wart treatment for the remaining bumps, but until I get the results I am soo nervous. I'm thinking about all the genital symptoms I've had in the past year, recurrent vaginal/vulvar itching that happened with my other pill (didn't itch again since I stopped that pill).

    So, the two bumps are flesh coloured, one is a little more red because I tried to pop it. They've been there for at least 3 weeks, haven't changed in appearance really (my mother says it doe not look like a blister, and it didn't form an ulcer so far), I don't remember any itching, or maybe just a bit but I have hair down there and it's not usual for me to grow it out and I find it uncomfortable. The bumps do not hurt either, basically, I don't feel them. Even when I touch them it is as if I was touching normal skin, does not hurt.

    Sorry it this is long, but I really need help. Do you guys think I'm having an unusual outbreak of herpes? Has anyone ever experienced something like this? I'm very afraid I might have herpes, I'd be very depressed I already have psychological issues that make me fragile.
    Marcelle, the link does not work.
    Peta! Thanks for your answer, but the bumps I have are semi-flat, and they don't seem to have any pus in them. They have an irregular shape. They are completely painless, and I had a boil before on my nose and it was quite tender.

    • ANSWER:
      They sound like boils to me and if you keep getting more you need to get the pus inside checked for MRSA.

      You should never pop anything. If it is a boil you apply hot compresses for like 15 minutes 4 times a day. Inside boils there are little pockets that start to fill up with pus. As you apply heat it brings the pus to the surface and it will look like a pimple with white stuff to pop. Do not pop, when it is really close to popping softly massage it to see if some comes out. If it does then massage gently to see if there is any more. No remember there could be more pockets in there and usually are so if it still feels bumpy like there is more in there, then keep doing the hot compresses until the rest of the pus comes up and out. MRSA is highly contagious. You need to wear gloves when handling the boils and dont use towels anyone else uses like handtowel or in the kitchen etc. Put all dressings a separate garbage. Wash hands like mad. When you see one ready to almost pus come out go to the doctor and have them lance it so they can culture the pus and see what exactly this is you have.

      Usually if you are getting recurrent boils it is MRSA. They give you an antibiotic and some ointment to put in your nose as your nose is where the MRSA bacteria colonizes. That should heal them up and stop the spread of getting more and then if you get any more in the future you would tell your doctor right away to get medication. MRSA is easy to get, just touching a grocery cart someone who had mrsa and had pus on their hands touched etc.

    STD treatments that causes weight gain?
    What are drugs used to treat certain sexually transmitted diseases that have side effects of weight gain?
    I'm not having any weight issues. I'm pretty skinny. I don't need acai berry crap or anything like that. I just want to find some information on various treatments for different types of STD and their side effects. I have everything down, just want to know how the side effects can affect weight.

    • ANSWER:
      Treatments aimed towards STDs are usually either antibiotics or antiviral drugs. Antibiotics will not affect weight either way, but they can cause temporary bloating as they mess up the intestinal flora for a while. As for antiviral drugs... those aimed at curbing herpes outbreaks do not affect weight, but antiretrovirals (for HIV) might have an effect (although whether it's gain or loss, I don't know). Check out medical websites for side effects, like

    I have a question about herpes?
    If someone has genital herpes (on their vagina) can they spread the disease to their partner by performing oral on them?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes you can still transmit herpes when performing oral sex on a man, if the female is infected.

      Your going to have to wait until 1 week after you have ceased to exhibit symptoms, and then you might be safe in having oral sex, or vaginal sex with him (use a Vaginal Condom as it provides a bit better protection).

      Aclyovir is used to treat Herpes via ointment or as a prescribed antibiotic, to reduce outbreak.

    If you have a STD, could you still work for a career?
    If you have a STD (at least the ones that are not really threatening), could you work in the medical field like a doctor, nurse, or peditrician.
    It could also be other jobs like teacher, electricians, or etc. I really want to know; but I don't have any STDs.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes. Even with HIV. There are protocols that HIV positive health workers must follow and transmission between doctor and patient of HIV is exceedingly unlikely - though they are not require to tell patients of their HIV status.

      STDs have been severely overblown by our society, usually in an effort to scare the public. Yes their is a legitimate danger, but condom use is extremely effective in preventing most STDs, and all sexually active women should consider getting the HPV vaccine.

      Many STDs are entirely treatable - Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Chlamydia - for example are all bacterial and respond to antibiotics. Crabs and scabies are parasites that can be treated with topical solutions.

      Only the viral STDs are considered incurable - Hepatitis C, Herpes, HPV, and HIV / AIDs.

      Most go into remission and are not debilitating at all during this period. Obviously, full blown AIDs; advanced Hep C, which cause liver failure; or advanced cancer caused by HPV in women; will interfere with work in the sense that you will be too sick to work - but with modern medicine HIV can take years to develop into HIV - example Magic Johnson who is still not symptomatic of AIDS. Hep C takes a ballpark estimate of 20 years to develop into liver failure (depending on lifestyle).

      Frankly, all the STDs save for Herpes and possibly HPV are prevented nearly 100% with condom use - and condoms help prevent the other two.

      The only STD regularly debilitating for some people is Herpes - though some people contract Herpes and never have an outbreak or have one outbreak and few to no outbreaks subsequently.

      Those who suffer from major outbreaks need to take valtrex to control symptoms and it can be very painful. There is no way of telling how your body responds to Herpes until you get it, but its often more minor than the media portrays.

      Herpes you get from having sex with someone with an active outbreak, consequently, if your partner is taking valtrex, it reduces the likelihood of transmission. Still since some outbreaks are very minor, you can't "look down there" to see if someone has herpes, as they will sometimes only manifest in the vagina or very faintly on the penis.

      So that said....

      None of those STDs will keep you from any career, except possibly porn, which requires testing of actors on an industry policed basis.

      If you publicize your status, however, it could hurt you in certain other fields: politics, modeling, health care. Boxing and other "blood sports" will also look negatively upon being HIV positive, as Tommy Perez and Tommy Morrison both were HIV positive and had difficulty finding opponents.

      Technically, legally people can not discriminate based on STD status.

    Are there any curable STD's that can be confused w/ genital herpes?
    Or am i just screwed.

    i haven't even had sex with a lot of people. and i always use a condom.

    • ANSWER:

      Sometimes syphilis sores or lesions (called chancre) can be confused with herpes sores.

      Syphilis can be cured with antibiotics because it's a bacterial STD. Herpes is a virus and there are no cures for viruses. The herpes outbreaks can be treated with anti viral medication, but the virus never goes away and remains dormant inside the body.

      You don't need to have sex with a lot of people to contract a STD. I contracted genital herpes from the 2nd person I had EVER had sex with. If you are concerned you have herpes or any other STD, go to your doctor and get tested. Good luck!

    what exactly is viruxo?
    I was searching online about herpes and I came across a site that said herpes outbreak cure. what exactly does the word "cure" mean like if you have herpes it will "cure" it or it will clear up your outbreaks. faster than normal. I was under the impression there isn't a "cure" for the herpes virus.

    • ANSWER:
      What is Viruxo?
      Viruxo is the most powerful Anti-Viral Immune Support Supplement available without a prescription. Viruxo is manufactured using only the highest quality Pharmaceutical grade ingredients conforming to strict formula guidelines.
      Viruxo is extremely effective in controlling and preventing the Herpes Simplex Virus 1 & 2. These viruses are also known as (HSV1)-Cold Sores and (HSV2)-Genital Herpes. Viruxo is a Suppressant which helps control or eliminate Herpes Outbreaks. Viruxo also an Immune System Builder and contains properties to help the body heal, if an outbreak should occur.

      How does Viruxo Work?
      Viruxo contains powerful ingredients which can suppress the Herpes Virus. These ingredients have been proven beneficial, by both government and private controlled studies. Since there is no cure for Herpes, it is extremely important to keep the virus in check and control its growth. The main ingredient in Viruxo is one of the only known compounds that has been proven to slow the growth and replication of the Herpes Virus. Viruxo also contains other ingredients to help boost your body s immune system to help it naturally fight off the Herpes Virus. If an outbreak would occur, Viruxo's other ingredients significantly shorten the natural healing process.

      Is Viruxo Guaranteed?
      Absolutely! 100% Money Back Guarantee
      We are so sure VIRUXO will give you amazing results, we offer a 100% money back guarantee. If for any reason, you are not totally satisfied, simply return the unused portion, along with your original receipt, for a prompt refund on the sale price, less shipping costs. VIRUXO has been proven effective and is made from the highest quality ingredients available. For questions regarding VIRUXO, contact our sales staff at 1-888-228-4099 toll free.

      Will Viruxo Work For Me?
      Every case is different, but we believe Viruxo is the best choice for treating the Herpes Virus. Other important factors are diet and proper sleep. Foods that contain more Arginine than Lysine, should be avoided to prevent the stimulation of the Herpes Virus. If you do eat these foods, Viruxo can help balance the Lysine factor. Download a Free Viruxo Brochure, to see a complete list of foods and their Arginine/Lysine ratios. There is no reason why an individual can't remain breakout free, if using Viruxo, eating a proper diet and achieving the proper rest!

      Is Daily Suppression better that a Topical Herpes Treatment?
      Our reasoning is very simple. While some topical treatments have shown some success, why let the Herpes Virus get to that stage? Why wait for the dreaded tingle, burn or itch to then apply a topical treatment? The symptoms prior to an outbreak are quite emotional and unpleasant! VIRUXO helps to prevent the symptoms as well as the outbreak itself. Maintain a healthy immune system and not worry about another outbreak!! Never feel the Tingle Again!

      Can anyone take Viruxo?
      While Viruxo is a safe all natural supplement, it is formulated for Adults. Children, pregnant women or women who are nursing, should consult a physician, prior to taking this supplement.

      How and When, do I take Viruxo?
      We recommend taking three Viruxo tablets once per day with food. We recommend not drinking chlorinated water while taking this product. Chlorine can make Viruxo less effective, besides chlorine is a toxin and will effect your immune system. If you are taking antibiotics, we recommend separating Viruxo and the antibiotics doses by two hours.

      Does Viruxo have Side Effects, like the current Pharmaceutical Herpes Treatments?
      Viruxo's main ingredient is naturally found in all living organisms. Viruxo is a totally natural product, with No Known Side Effects!

      Can I take Viruxo for a Prolonged Period of Time?
      Viruxo, unlike other pharmaceutical Herpes Treatments, can be taken indefinitely with no drawbacks. Prolonged use will not lead to complications and the effectiveness of Viruxo will not diminish with prolonged use.

      What is in Viruxo?
      Viruxo is carefully manufactured in a GMP / TGA compliant facility. All of the ingredients are precisely measured, blended and pressed into time released tablets. Viruxo is designed to help eliminate Herpes Outbreaks, caused by the HSV1 and HSV2 viruses. Each bottle contains a one month supply of 90 tablets, to be taken orally three tablets per day with food. The product is guaranteed 100% effective, or your money back.
      Biotin - is used the production of fatty acids, and the metabolism of amino acids. Also helps promote healthy skin and help skin heal.
      Choline - helps in the transfer vitamins, B6, B12 and Folic Acid.
      Citrus Bioflavonoids - in conjunction with vitamin C , can promote healthy skin and help prevent blisters from forming.
      Folic Acid - is necessary for the production and maintenance of new healthy skin cells.
      Free Form L-Lysine - has been proved to retard and slow the growth of certain viruses, including the Herpes Simplex 1&2.

    what brand of antibiotic or generic name of the drug is for cat's flu?

    • ANSWER:
      It would need to be prescribed by your vet
      As for colds and flu, specific antiviral treatments are not generally available. Treatment is aimed at controlling secondary bacterial infection (with antibiotics) and stimulating eating and drinking as, particularly dehydration, is a major cause of worsening disease. Antiviral ointment (e.g., acyclovir) used to treat herpes virus infections in people (cold sores, fever blisters) has been used in cats, generally the response is not as good and the drug needs to be used early in the course of infection. Its use tends to be restricted to treatment of FHV-1 outbreaks in colonies of cats. Topical antivirals include Idoxuridine and Betadine eye drops. L-lysine (an amino acid) works to prevent future attacks in some cats. L-lysine can be purchased over-the-counter at health nutrition stores.

      Feline Calici virus / Herpesvirus Vaccine: Feline calicivirus and rhinotracheitis (feline herpes virus type I) are responsible for 80-90% of infectious feline upper respiratory tract diseases. Most cats are exposed to either or both of these viruses at some time in their lives. Both indoor as well as outdoor cats are easily exposed to this airborne virus. Once infected, many cats never completely rid themselves of the virus. These "carrier" cats either continuously or intermittently shed the organisms for long periods of time -- perhaps for life -- and serve as a major source of infection to other cats. The infection can also relapse with stress. The currently available vaccines do not completely protect against infection, but will minimize the severity of upper respiratory infections. Because there are over 65 types of Calici virus, no vaccine will prevent disease in all situations.(6, 7 15, 19, 21) Intranasal vaccines used in conjunction with parenteral vaccines may be more effective at preventing the disease entirely(23-p239), and intranasal vaccines will be safer.

      A rare side-effect to the intranasal vaccines is sneezing for one or two days post-vaccination. This is normal and nothing to worry about. Because intranasal vaccines produce an immunity of shorter duration, tri-annual vaccination is recommended.

    Thoughts on new product coldsore fx?
    there's a new products for coldsores called coldsore fx from the makers of cold fx . is it any good? better then perscriptiopn or abreva?

    • ANSWER:
      I don't know, but here are alternative remedies that do work:

      Food Therapy:
      Eat more yogurt, recommends registered pharmacist Earl Mindell, R.Ph. Ph.D., professor of nutrition at Pacific Western University in Los Angeles.

      "The acidophilus in the live cultures act as a natural antibiotic to the virus that causes cold sores," he says.

      Herbal Therapy:
      Europeans depend on lemon balm ointment to treat cold sores caused by the herpes simplex virus, say Varro E. Tyler, Ph.D., professor of pharmacognosy at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana.

      Use a damp cotton swab to apply two or three drops of a 10 percent tincture of Calendula to the sore as needed, says Mitchell Fleisher, M.D., a family practice physician and homeopath in Colleen, Virginia.

      Calendula is available in most health food stores

      Vitamin and Mineral Therapy:
      If you get three or more cold sores a year, you might benefit from a daily supplement of lysine, an amino acid that counteracts arginine, an amino acid that the herpes virus needs to thrive, says Richard D. Fischer, D.D.S., president of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology and a dentist in Annandale, Virginia.

      "I recommend taking two 500 milligrams tablets with each meal during an outbreak and then dropping down to one 500-milligram tablet per meal after your cold sore heals as a preventive measure," says Dr Fischer.

can antibiotics be used to treat herpes outbreaks

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